Powerful solutions.

Rental/Temporary Power

Our power rentals deliver best-in-class energy solutions for a variety of applications, enabling your business to produce power on site, in parallel with the electric grid, or as a stand-alone system when no utility is available, resulting in lower energy costs, increased resiliency, and reduced emissions.

Capstone Engineered Solutions proudly represents Capstone Green Energy to help businesses of all sizes. Depending on your needs, we have individual products ranging from 50 kilowatts to 16 megawatts of electric power output, delivering clean and reliable power for base-load operations, and peak and standby power in the industrial, utility, and commercial sectors. 

If your business has access to the electric grid, our microturbines can provide an additional source of continuous on-site power generation for increased reliability and potential cost savings compared to the local utility. 

If you don’t have access to the electric grid, our microgrids provide clean, on-site power with fewer scheduled maintenance intervals and greater fuel flexibility than competing technologies. 

Finally, if you don’t have access to natural gas infrastructure, we offer virtual pipeline options with suppliers of liquid natural gas (LNG) or compressed natural gas (CNG). We can also supply rental systems for renewable fuels.